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Posted on 23 September, 2016 at 9:00 Comments comments (225)

After a summer of festivals and exhibitions, I find myself happy to be back in my workshop full time. A releif from the hectic hustling of the festival scene and scorchig summer days in fields! It feels like being on holiday in conparison, relaxed and enjoying the work I do.

During the busy summer season, I exhibited my work at an array of different places this year in the UK, and creating some works which are very differnt to my usual art work. I wanted each to reflect a differrent part of myself and what inspires me in the work I create. The copper carnival band was an element of fun which motivates me from the core; I love to laugh and joke my way through life and these life size sculptures represent that side of my charachter. I enjoyed working on these and they will be added to each year for the Jerk Off  food and music Festival, with some having local musicians faces added in due course! 

For the Art of Heritage exhibition, I created a 'Tree of Dreams'; my personal inspiration comes from the classic illustrators of the Victorian/Edwardian eras. Growing up with an antiques dealer father, my childhood was spent around beautiful engravings by classic artists of the time and books, magically coming to life in a little girls dreams. Remembering the fairy tales of my childhood I created a tree which represented those wonderful stories which I grew up with. Here you can see some of the engravings in the tree with me crouched next to it chatting to a visitor about it. 

Around the base of the tree is Sleeping beauty, tucked up in her quilt of glass, the lady of the lake, wading in the still waters and a fairy sat pondering on a stained glass toadstall. Up in the branches are mysterious faces set into the wood, woodland sprites? and atop the highest branch sits a resting butterfly, sunning her wings. I love how the fanasy of fairytales bring childhood imaginations to life, story telling inspires young imaginations to be set free and not be shackeled by the restraints of how we see and experience life, but to explore in imppossible, dream new dreams and push their creativity to the limits and beyond.

Where does the time go?

Posted on 31 July, 2016 at 16:10 Comments comments (2)

As time fly’s past at warp speed, this year seems to be flashing before my eyes. From February when my work went viral on line, it has been a crazy but creative year for me from commissions pouring in from the States and Europe and working on exhibitions alongside festivals. I have had to up my game in getting prepared for larger sculptural installation work and have been creating some large pieces from copper and stained glass. I am enjoying the challenges and stretching my creative skills base into working with larger metal pieces. It opens up new and exciting avenues for my work and is an area I will be developing in the future in learning welding techniques.

My website has been updated to take more media; videos and a new webstore will soon be up and running for one off pieces I make between commissions. I also hope to return to updating this blog more often again… It’s all about time management; what a shame time doesn’t always allow it!! ;-)


Art of Heritage Festival

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I thought I'd write a little about the Art of Heritage festival which I organise in Southampton. It is a community led festival, all the work is carried out by volunteers within the city and anybody can join in, in which ever capacity they would like to. The event began last year, quickly growing from an arts exhibition to a full blown celebration of all the arts in one place. I aimed to provide a platform for artists to exhibit their work and also encourage people who wouldn't normally access galleries to explore and enjoy art in a more relaxed setting. This year we have artists who were inspired by last years event to showcase their work and are exhibiting with us this year, we are thrilled that the event motivated artists to do this and we look forward to seeing more as the years pass by. We try and fill the venue both inside and out with all forms of art, design and performance and this year will be no exception! over 3 days we have: 44 live bands and musicians 10 live graffiti artists The Black Dogs live skate installation 20+ exhibiting artists 16 artisan craftsmen and women film makers Outdoor projectionists Craft workshops Live vehicle painting rides and entertainment Craft foods from Radial Roots vegan foods and Lexies Fresh doughnuts and crepes In House café Motorbike design display Kids and family zone Indoor acoustic stage Spoken word tent/stage and much more! If you live locally to Southampton, please come along and support his event, it is free to enter and you will be supporting and nurturing our arts culture at the same time! To get involved please email us at artofheritage'outlook.com or send us a message on Facebook! We don't have a website yet but will be looking into all the marketing after this years event, so if you can volunteer some IT time or marketing for us, you would be most welcomed! Next years event will include a river carnival along the Itchen River, the management group is already forming for this, if this is your area of specialty or something that interests you, again please get in touch with us to get involved!! GETTING PEOPLE EXCITED ABOUT ART! Helen