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Posted on 23 September, 2016 at 9:00 Comments comments (225)

After a summer of festivals and exhibitions, I find myself happy to be back in my workshop full time. A releif from the hectic hustling of the festival scene and scorchig summer days in fields! It feels like being on holiday in conparison, relaxed and enjoying the work I do.

During the busy summer season, I exhibited my work at an array of different places this year in the UK, and creating some works which are very differnt to my usual art work. I wanted each to reflect a differrent par...

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Where does the time go?

Posted on 31 July, 2016 at 16:10 Comments comments (2)

As time fly’s past at warp speed, this year seems to be flashing before my eyes. From February when my work went viral on line, it has been a crazy but creative year for me from commissions pouring in from the States and Europe and working on exhibitions alongside festivals. I have had to up my game in getting prepared for larger sculptural installation work and have been creating some large pieces from copper and stained glass. I am enjoying the challenges and stretching my creative sk...

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Art of Heritage Festival

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I thought I'd write a little about the Art of Heritage festival which I organise in Southampton. It is a community led festival, all the work is carried out by volunteers within the city and anybody can join in, in which ever capacity they would like to. The event began last year, quickly growing from an arts exhibition to a full blown celebration of all the arts in one place. I aimed to provide a platform for artists to exhibit their work and also encourage people who wouldn't normally access... Read Full Post »